Practice Areas


In forty year law career, represented business, individual clients in several thousand employment and business disputes. Represented clients in health care, construction, manufacturing, insurance, banking, transportation, textile, nuclear energy, technology, air transport, retail and pari-mutuel racing industries, multi-national corporations, contractor trade associations, non-profit, performing arts organizations, State of Connecticut, municipalities, boards of education, universities.

Regularly litigated cases on behalf of employers and employees in the U.S. District Courts and Court of Appeals, state courts, state and federal labor departments, administrative agencies, state Human Rights agencies and EEOC in employment contracts, unjust discharge, discrimination, wage and hour, affirmative action, labor management relations, sports law, housing matters, class actions in employee benefit and construction contract matters.

Represented clients in union organization campaigns, collective bargaining negotiations and administration of union contracts in the private and public sector.  Practiced before the State Board of Labor Relations, State Board of Mediation and Arbitration, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) and the National Mediation Board (“NMB”).


Represented private and public clients in employment discrimination, civil rights and labor relations, non-competition, breach of employee loyalty, reductions in force, employment agreements, Fair Labor Standards Act, class actions in wage and hour, and employee benefits.

Representative mediation disputes as neutral mediator

  • Mediation of multiparty insurance company, city, contractor, owner, of insurance damage claims
  • Mediation of subrogation insurance disputes
  • Mediation of homeowner/contractor breach of contract issues
  • Mediation of age discrimination and discharge claims
  • Mediation of veteran’s illegal discharge claims
  • Mediation of Truth In Lending Claims
  • Mediation of Construction contact claims


Represented clients in hundreds of public and private employment arbitrations before the American Arbitration Association, Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service, various State Boards of Mediation and Arbitration, and private arbitrators, including union labor contract grievance disputes, interest labor arbitration proceedings, and non-union employer-employee disputes.

Have served as a neutral arbitrator since 2002 involving representative cases such as:

  • Multi million dollar claims by a series of highly paid terminated executives for breach of Change in Control employment agreements
  • Valuation of highly paid terminated executives stock option agreements in declining economic circumstances
  • Interpreting state civil service laws for supervisory state employees
  • Adjudicating multimillion dollar claim of highly paid executive concerning Change In Control contact issues
  • Pay issues involving termination of 16 employees from national company
  • Class action claim involving forfeiture of vacation pay and benefits
  • Multi-employee claims under Fair Labor Standards Act involving falsification of employee time cards
  • Interpretation of union contract claim concerning vacation pay issues for entire work force
  • Litigation of ERISA claims
  • Tax consequences of stock option plans of highly paid executives
  • Termination of highly paid executive
  • Age discrimination claim
  • Arbitration of numerous franchisor/ franchisee disputes


For the past 12 years, professor of law teaching arbitration, employment, employment discrimination, and labor law, at University of Hartford, University of Connecticut, and presently at the Quinnipiac University school of Law.